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Personal care and attention: Any office can claim to offer a higher level of care, but it's difficult to confirm until you experience it for yourself. Perhaps the best indicator is loyalty. Hearing Solutions™ has many patients who have been with us over 20 years and have stayed with us because they've consistently received proper care. If you're looking for doctor to provide quality "care" today and "attention" for years to come our history proves it's what you'll find at Hearing Solutions of New Hampshire. We invite you to make an appointment and confirm it for yourself.

The skill and expertise of our audiologists: Treating hearing loss is a two-part process. The outcome depends on both your choice of hearing aid and the ability of the provider to fine-tune the device. Because today's top brands perform so well more people make the mistake of choosing the wrong provider than the wrong hearing aid. The respected health sources below confirm, working with an experienced audiologist is crucial in the successful treatment of hearing loss.

WebMD, AARP, New England Journal of Medicine, FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The AARP - The number one thing to remember is that the value you get out of your hearing aid is based on the skills and abilities of the audiologist. An audiologist is a hearing health professional licensed to dispense hearing aids. They are required to hold a doctoral degree in audiology and to have years of clinical training before gaining their license.

WebMD - Hearings aids can now be purchased online and at discount stores. These vendors often offer a lower price, but it's important to note that how well a hearing aid performs depends on both the device and how accurately the device has been programmed. Some lower price providers don't offer the services of an audiologist to conduct a proper fitting, so be sure to check not only the quality of the hearing aid, but also the training and experience of the provider.

New England Journal of Medicine - Physicians often refer patients to an audiologist because they are better educated in the fitting and adjustment of hearing aids. An audiologist is a hearing health professional who specializes in evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing loss. A Doctor of Audiology (Au. D.) is required to hold a graduate-level degree in the study of all factors relating to the human hearing system and before receiving their license they serve a residency in a clinical setting.

The Food and Drug Administration - Hearing aids need to be fitted by someone trained specifically in hearing problems. If you think you have a hearing problem see an audiologist, (a hearing specialist). An audiologist will conduct tests and use the results to prescribe a hearing aid based on your level of hearing loss and adjust the hearing device so that you receive its maximum benefit.

  • Hearing tests and exams
  • Hearing aid prescriptions
  • Hearing aid adjustments
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Supplies and batteries
  • Tinnitus treatment
Hearing Aid Brands
  • Oticon Hearing Aids
  • Lyric (100% Invisible)
  • Phonak Hearing Aids
  • Widex Hearing Aids
  • ReSound Hearing Aids
  • Unitron Hearing Aids
Hearing Aid Types
  • Digital Hearing Aids
  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
  • Mini Behind-the-Ear
  • In-the-Ear (ITE)
  • In-the-Canal (ITC)
  • Bluetooth enabled

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